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C4B Knitting. When i first started knitting, i was intimidated by cable stitches. Then knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle.

How To Knit C4F vs C4B cables A Knitting Tutorial
How To Knit C4F vs C4B cables A Knitting Tutorial from mycrafts.com

When performing a 'cable back', slip half the number indicated (ex: Take your working needle an purl the two stitches off your cable needle. The c4b cable will be worked as follows:

The Cable Four Front Uses The Abbreviation C4F, The 4.

Everything about c4b, plus free knitting patterns, tutorials, yarn reviews, giveaways, and more! With rs facing, using 4mm needles pick up and knit 49 57 71 75 79 85 sts evenly along front edge and 6 sts evenly along rib. Please see bottom of post for more information.

Then Hold This Needle To The Back Of Your Work (The Side Facing Away From You).

Knit next 2 stitches) from your left hand needle. You might be tempted to go straight in and choose a cable jumper or cardigan for your first. The cable four back is a traditional cable stitch.

Take Your Working Needle And Knit The Next Two Stitches Off Your Main Needle.

I knew that i wanted to learn! Hold cable needle to the back of work. C4b (4 stitches cable back)method:

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