Easter Egg Knitting Pattern

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Easter Egg Knitting Pattern. Knitting bee has put together the ultimate collection of free easter knitting patterns. The suggested yarn has specks of color in it, and so the knitting is reminiscent of a real bird's egg.

Easter Egg Decor Free Knitting Patterns from 1001patterns.com

We hope you enjoy this free knitting pattern. Instructions and ideas especially for easter creations. There are a few extra ideas you may like to try out and once you have the hang of it its pretty easy to make it up as you go along.

This pattern includes two different sizes created on straight knitting needles and i demonstrate all of the basic knitting.

Easter Egg Knitting Pattern. Hundreds of free patterns to knit and crochet! Knit for easter, find knitting guides and knitting patterns. Easter egg with a knitted pattern of bourbon lilies. My mother is really going to freak out when she sees this post.

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