Flip Top Mittens Knitting Pattern

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Flip Top Mittens Knitting Pattern. Continue to work the left mitten the same way you knit the right mitten, starting from the point in the right mitten pattern marked by ** (ie distribute the stitches onto three us #4 double pointed needles…). Click here for my pom pom tutorial!

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Pick up and knit 1 st from the cast on st edge. If there is a gap in the thumb gusset where the yarn is attached, this is where you can use the tail to sew it up. This post contains more resources.

Mittens are a perfect project for knitters who have some basic knitting and pattern following skills and ready for a little more challenge.

Flip Top Mittens Knitting Pattern. Secure and weave in all ends. These flip top mittens double as fingerless and then you can flip the top down to keep your fingers warm when you don't need your fingers to be free. This norse crochet mitten pattern is super cute and cozy. The pattern is written for both fingering (sock) and worsted weight yarn.

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