Knitting Pattern Terms Explained

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Knitting Pattern Terms Explained. Knit (k) this is the most common stitch used in knitting. In the basket rib stitch pattern, row 1 is the right side (rs), and row 2 is the wrong side (ws).

Knitting Terms Explained
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Single, right leaning knitting decrease (r/). Assembly, weaving in ends and blocking. Knit 1 stitch, slip this stitch from right needle to left needle, pass second stitch on left needle over first stitch and off left needle;

Return The Stitches To Left Needle And Slip Them Through Back Loops;

(wrap and turn) slip next st from lh to rh needle, take yarn between needles to other side of work, slip st back to lh needle, take yarn between needles to its starting point, then turn. Bo bind off (cast off) cc contrasting color cm centimeters cn cable needle co. “k,” for example, is the symbol for “knit” and “p” stands for “purl.”.

Single, Right Leaning Knitting Decrease (R/).

A knitted loop of which a thread enters and leaves at the opposite sides without crossing over itself. Includes a number of techniques, such as braiding and. It helps that most of the abbreviations are logical in origin.

Knitting Patterns Use Universal Abbreviations For Knitters To Get The Hang Of, Once You’re Familiar With The Terms They Will Become Second Nature.

Welcome to the interweave knitting terms and glossary! Here are some of the most common knitting pattern abbreviations. This is generally a project that has been on the go for sometime, but has been left untouched for sometime.

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